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Key Binding Due to Wood Shrinkage [3/12/2007] jimphelan   Written by: jimphelan
It’s winter, and that means it’s cold. With the cold comes dryness. And, if you are a piccolo player or repairer, you need to be aware of what the weather does to wooden piccolos. Why? ... [more]
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Reskinning Straubinger Pads [1/11/2006] admin   Written by: Joe Butkevicius
[p]For technicians interested in re-skinning Straubinger pads, this article elaborates on the instructions that come with the re-skinning kit. Although Straubinger certification is not necessary to ... [more]
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Flute Padding with the Magnehelic [10/22/2005] admin   Written by: Joseph Butkevicius
This clinic will demonstrate incorporating the magnehelic for flute repads. Technical information will include controlling key angles, pad exposure, and pad compression. Leveling tone holes, ... [more]
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I refer to the pad retaining grommets on open-hole flutes.Before I bought Ferree's #P60 Rotary Valve Bearing Tool for shrinking these, I made a shrinking die, which in some ways is better. For a ... [more]
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Flute Padding [1/31/2005] admin
This article is for mass produced flutes. Handmade flutes are another ballgame.[strong]Pick Your Approach[/strong]There seems to be two main approaches to flute padding. 1.Use a pad with soft felt ... [more]
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Different teachers will have different answers to this of course, but here is an approach that worked on my pupils:1. Carry out the instructions in front of a mirror.2. Never at any stage pull your ... [more]
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I am a well-established woodwind repair specialist, and a reasonably accomplished flute player. I offer the following thoughts on two issues regarding flutes: In-line G versus Off-set G, and ... [more]
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The king post is the post in which both the left hand stack and the [img src="../images/articles/kingpost.jpg" alt="King Post" width="250" height="137" ... [more]
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[strong]First, a few notes:[/strong] [ul][li]In this article, I will refer to regulation as making keys close together and to adjustment as removing the extra play and setting key heights after ... [more]
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C Rod Fitting [12/5/2004] admin
You know those flutes that come in with the C rod backed out and the left hand stack keys wobbling all over the place? Spend a few minutes fitting the rod to the flute to prevent your customers from ... [more]
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