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Subscription Types


Membership Levels

Technician and Student

PROBIRT is not currently taking new members.


Individual Subscriptions

Individual subscriptions are available for Technicians* and Non-Technician Membership Levels. Both membership levels can sign up for a monthly subscription or save money by subscribing quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. The rates are the same for both technicians and non-techs. Payments are made securely through PayPal****, are automatically renewed, and can be cancelled at any time by accessing your PayPal account. Learn more about the Non-Technician and Technician* Membership Levels.

Subscription Rate Join
(auto renewing)

Not currently taking registrations

(auto renewing)
Save 27% over monthly subscription

Not currently taking registrations

(auto renewing)
Save 41% over monthly subscription

Not currently taking registrations

(auto renewing)
Additional benefits
of annual membership
Save 57% over monthly subscription

Not currently taking registrations

(non auto renewing)
Additional benefits
of annual membership
Save 57% over monthly subscription

Not currently taking registrations


Group Subscriptions

Group Subscriptions offer the same privileges and access to the site as the corresponding membership types of individual subscriptions for less than 1/3 the cost. Groups of people can sign up for an annual subscription through for $400 per group. Maximum of 10 people per group. Groups can consist of both technicians and non-technicians.

How does it work?
To see if there’s a group you can join, go to and SEARCH for “PROBIRT.” If there is a group already started, just join! It’s safe, secure, and you’re not charged unless and until they get a whole group together. For more information about how Fundable works, go to or

To set up a group
If there isn’t a group set up and you want to start one, here’s what you do:
1. Sign up and create a "group action" on to collect a total of $400 from a group of up to 10 people for a PROBIRT Group Membership. This makes you the group leader.
2. Either wait for people to find it or contact people you know who may be interested. You can often do this through related news groups. Each interested person will go to the page and pledge to pay $40.
3. Once all pledges are collected, Fundable turns them into real payments.
4. Fundable sends the funds collected to you, the group leader, and you in turn send it to PROBIRT along with a list of the Group Members' names, desired usernames, and email addresses.
5. Individual PROBIRT memberships are set up and the members are notified.

That’s it! For more information on setting up a group, go to or


Free Subscriptions

There are two ways to receive a free subscription to the PROBIRT Resourse Site:

FREE BIR Student Subscriptions **

Students currently enrolled in the band instrument repair program of a recognized and accredited band instrument repair school receive one free annual subscription. To receive this offer the student must satisfactorily fill out this questionaire and provide proof of enrollment by submitting one of the following documents to PROBIRT:

- Proof of Enrollment Certificate
- A copy of current tuition bill or receipt
- A copy of current class enrollment or registration form
- A copy of current class schedule

When both the questionaire and proof of enrollment are received and approved, the student will have Technician member level access to the site.

FREE Technician Subscriptions

PROBIRT was created specifically for professional band instrument repair technicians. Theoretically, subscriptions should be free for professional band instrument repair techs. All a technician needs to do to receive a free annual subscription is to share his or her knowledge by submitting a qualifying band instrument repair article or video, take part in a PROBIRT video tour***, or participate in a PROBIRT live web conference as a clinician***.



No registration is required. You can go to the forums now or learn more about the different levels of membership.


*Technician Memberships - In order to become a Technician Member you must first register as a Non-Technician Member. If you were a previous Technician Member you will automatically default to that level of membership when you subscribe. If you're a new member, fill out the Technician Membership Request form in your profile and, when approved, your status and membership level will be changed and the additional site features will be available to you.

**Anyone who graduated from the band instrument repair program of a recognized and accredited band instrument repair school between January 1, 2006 and June 1, 2007 may receive one retroactive free annual subscription. Contact PROBIRT for additional info.

*** Conditions apply. Contact PROBIRT for further information if interested.

**** Payment by Paypal is preferred but not required. Checks are also accepted. Contact us for more info.