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Every once in a while, I learn the best repair techniques from top players, rather than from other repair people. They've been in some of the best shops in the country, and share what they've seen ... [more]
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Here's a clarinet clamp that can be put together for not much money and a little effort. My brother in law turned the hardwood pieces on his wood lathe. I have glued many clarinet bodies with this ... [more]
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[p]This article assumes that:[br /] -Padding is excellent[br /] -Bent keys have been straightened[br /]-Spring tensions have been set[br /] -All key corks are present, in good condition, and are in ... [more]
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Some technicians have promoted simply gluing broken plastic bodies (and tenons). I am reluctant to trust an adhesive in a rather small surface area in a butt joint. In careful use a clarinet body is ... [more]
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Loose posts on wooden instruments are especially common on older clarinets and where there is a strong spring extending out of the post. There are several ways to remedy the problem1. Unscrew the ... [more]
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Tone Hole Prep [12/13/2004] admin
There are a few things that sometimes need to be done to prepare a tone hole to receive a pad, especially on wooden instruments. First examine the tone holes. They should be level and free of ... [more]
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Loose tenon receiver rings are dangerous for a clarinet or oboe. The purpose of the ring is to keep the receiver from splitting when the tenon is inserted. If the rings are loose, the ring should ... [more]
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[strong]Removing the old cork.[/strong]I use a couple methods to remove the old cork. [blockquote] -The first way is to use a slip joint pliers GENTLY. The teeth of the pliers act as scrapers ... [more]
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