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[p]A common problem that occurs on saxophones, especially in the hands of young students, is the octave key on the neck goes out of adjustment. A good indication that this has happened is when the ... [more]
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[p]It can be tricky to get the C key, F# key, and also the Bis and G keys on some saxophone brands, to operate freely on the hinge rod. By following the method below, it will become a thirty second ... [more]
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An airtight seal at the tenon/receiver area of a saxophone is such a crucial part of the performance of a saxophone that I check it on just about every horn that goes through our shop. It’s ... [more]
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[h1]Bent Saxophone Necks [/h1][p]A common saxophone injury is a neck that has been bent downward, making the round tube oval and causing a variety of problems, including throwing the octave key out ... [more]
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[p]On certain models of Yamaha student saxophones, perhaps mainly between 1995 and 2005, there is an extra long Bb spring. In the photo it is in its normal position, on a slight angle behind the G# ... [more]
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Vintage out of tune saxophones can be intonated, to play in tune with themselves and others. You can keep your favorite horn, even for pro gigs.I grew up playing an old starburst Conn Alto Saxophone. ... [more]
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Leveling and Re-surfacing a Saxophone Tone-hole [10/22/2005] admin   Written by: Curt Altarac
[a href="" target="_blank"]Click for article[/a] [more]
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[p]I recently read an article by Laura Ingalls Wilder (author of "Little House on the Prairie" series) explaining how you start paying for something the moment you start needing ... [more]
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Martin Tone Holes [1/6/2005] admin   Written by: Jeff Dening
Martin saxophones have tone hole chimneys that are soldered onto the body instead of being drawn from the tube material like most other saxophones. A solder joint that has failed at one of these ... [more]
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