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Plastic Bassoons [10/22/2005] admin   Written by: Chip Owen
The use of plastic for making bassoon bodies presents both advantages and problems. There have been essentially three types of plastic bassoons made on a production basis: Fox, Linton and Selmer. The ... [more]
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Basic Contrabassoon Repair [10/22/2005] admin   Written by: Chip Owen
This article is intended to provide basic advice for otherwise experienced woodwind repairers who arefaced with the unfamiliar task of working on a contrabassoon. These instruments are not common. ... [more]
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Bassoon Bore Oiling [10/22/2005] admin   Written by: Chip Owen
The maple body of a bassoon requires oiling in order to work properly. A bassoon made of completelydry, unoiled maple would play terribly; oiling it would immediately make it play well. Older ... [more]
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Bassoon Key Numbering & Key Names [10/22/2005] admin   Written by: Chip Owen
View the bassoon nomenclature. These illustrations can also be used to make a screw block - print out, glue to a board and drill holes at appropriate places for rods and screws...[p ... [more]
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Bassoon Modifications for Small Hands [10/22/2005] admin   Written by: Chip Owen
The bassoon is a large instrument and persons with small hands can have difficulties playing on it.There are several modifications that can aid in the playing of the bassoon for such persons....[p ... [more]
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Bassoon U-Tubes [10/22/2005] admin   Written by: Chip Owen
One of the first tests that should be done on any bassoon work is to check the u-tube system. The utube system is often the source of significant leaks. Understanding the various ways u-tubes are ... [more]
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Boot Joint Through-Bored Pins [10/22/2005] admin   Written by: Chip Owen
One of the first problems with these simple items is naming them. They are variously called, pins, action pins, action rods, push pins, and those are just a few of the simple names. Some attempts at ... [more]
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C(sharp)/D(sharp) Trill Key [10/22/2005] admin   Written by: Chip Owen
The C'/D' Trill Key was developed by Wilhelm Heckel in 1880. In its earliest form it functioned onlyfor trilling between C' and D'. Heckel soon realized that this key could also benefit the high B ... [more]
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Diagnosing the Problems of Bassoons [10/22/2005] admin   Written by: Chip Owen
There are two important points that should be understood by anyone reading this information:This information comes from Chip Owen—not Fox ProductsThis information is based on my experience as ... [more]
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Fundamentals of Bassoon Padding [10/22/2005] admin   Written by: Chip Owen
Every type of woodwind instrument has unique qualities for padding. To begin with, consider the variety of different pads we contend with, made of leather, skin or cork, in different ... [more]
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