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[b]Precaution: Never, never, never use this method on hinge rods with knock pin holes such as flute stack or trill keys or you'll be replacing the rod rather than straightening it!!![/b]Chuck the rod ... [more]
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There are many reasons a key can be binding. The key is to find the cause. To do this we need to play investigator and look for clues. Once we solve the case, fixing the problem is usually a ... [more]
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For some reason, many technicians seem to shy away from making their own hinge rods when necessary. It is a fairly simple process. And sooner or later in a tech's career, a horn will come in for ... [more]
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Countersinking posts involves removing metal from the part of the post which contacts the underside of the pivot screw head in order to allow the screw to sink farther into the post and thus protrude ... [more]
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[strong]Inside[/strong]A fairly common cause of a binding key, especially after swedging, is the presence of burrs on the inside and end of the hinge tube. To remove the burr, use a broach - a small ... [more]
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Fitting keys [12/5/2004] admin
Years of metal rubbing on metal will wear the metal down. This creates sloppy fitting keys on rods and pivot screws and between posts. The remedy is to refit the keys using a variety of processes ... [more]
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Shortening hinge tubes is most often done in conjunction with swedging and a wiggle rod when (re)fitting keys to a hinge rod during overhauls and repads. My favorite tool for hinge tube shortening ... [more]
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Swedging [12/5/2004] admin
[b]What is swedging?[/b]Swedging is the process of shrinking a hinge tube to fit a hinge rod and is usually combined with the processes of hinge tube shortening and lengthening to refit keys to an ... [more]
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Wiggle Rod [12/5/2004] admin
A wiggle rod is simply a piece of hinge rod with a slight bend in it. They are used in conjunction with swedging and hinge tube shortening to fit keys. Two purposes for using a wiggle rod ... [more]
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Ever get one of those pilot pivot scews that you know is bent because the key is binding but can't tell in which direction it's bent? It seems the easiest thing to do would be to replace the screw. ... [more]
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