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In my article "Grenadilla tone holes, part 5", I show a picture of a bronze tone-hole facer which I turned up on a mini-lathe. As you could see from the pictures, it worked very well, but ... [more]
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[p style="clear:both;"][img src="/images/cutters.jpg" style="float: right; border: 1px solid #fff; margin: 10px;"]In previous articles, I've discussed repairs and tuning ... [more]
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Here is the finished repair, or smoothing of the tone hole. I took from the top side (reed end) of the cylinder, as well as smoothing out the larger chip, and removed some splinters. I used the ... [more]
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In the picture is the instrument which inspired me to fire up the camera and begin this series. This is not at all unusual in my experience. This is the G tone hole on a Loree Cabart oboe. Loree ... [more]
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Tone Hole AnatomyAn average repair to a woodwind instrument involves gluing some new pads and corks, and maybe straightening some keys, and adjusting. On more particular jobs, we may really examine ... [more]
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Using the Mag Machine [10/22/2005] admin   Written by: Jeff Smith
The purpose of “The Mag” machine is to determine if an instrument is leaking and to help locate leaks that cannot be found with other traditional methods such as leak lights and ... [more]
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Bushing Pivot Sockets [10/22/2005] admin   Written by: Chip Owen
Over-sized pivot sockets in the ends of keys create problems that need to be solved. Although thereare a number of ways to solve the problem there are situations where conventional approaches don't ... [more]
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[p][br]When an oboe develops a crack through tone holes, it is very difficult to keep the pertinent pads sealing. Even when pinned, the wood will swell and shrink a bit with the weather, and the ... [more]
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I recently made three changes in the way I work and it's made a HUGE difference. [strong]Feeler Gauge Handle[/strong][img src="" ... [more]
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The method used to straighten the hinge tubes of woodwind keys will likely depend on:What length of hinge tube you are working with.How bent the tube is. Whether you can still get the rod the entire ... [more]
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