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PROBIRT Newsletter - April 30, 2007

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Latest Content - A Focus on Trombone Repair

Several new items have been added to recently, most of which are about trombone repair. Check them out:

Replacing an Inner Trombone Slide by Bob Baier (37 minutes) *
Trombone Inner Slide Stockings by Bob Baier (6 minutes) – FREE
Trombone Venturis by Bob Baier (6 minutes) – FREE

Trombone Hand Slide Repair by Dave Ferens *
Another Favorite Tool – The Enforcer by Michelle Williamson *
Genadilla Tone Holes, Part 5 by Larry Mueller *

* Subscription only. Log in to view this content.

Special Thanks to Clinicians and Viewers

I’d like to extend a special thanks to last month’s PROBIRT web conference clinicians, Dan Parker and Andy Smith. They presented a lot of great information during a short weekend of live clinics. As time allows the clinic videos will be edited and added to the site.

During the weekend of live clinics,omega replica watches I received many great ideas for changes and additions to improve the viewer’s experience for the live web conferences which we’ll be working on and implementing for future sessions. Thank you for taking the time to submit these suggestions.


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  • (6/2 17:51) Wailinfree: is this site still active?
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  • (5/25 5:17) BENSCHILDGEN: It seemed as if it was silver brazed together
  • (5/25 5:17) BENSCHILDGEN: It seemed as if it was silver brazed together
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  • (5/24 14:2) dparker: How can I help with the clock springs?
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