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Band Instrument Repair Meets Today's Technology

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Regarding our live and recorded video clinics:

"Hello. KUDOS. I was able to catch only a few minutes of live video today, but after seeing Larry in action ... and watching Dana's [video], boy am I impressed!" - Mark Weinstein, Oklahoma City, OK

I've finally gotten around to thank you for the great job on the videos (and on the site). The soldering gun video was very informative and I learned uses for it that I would never have thought of. - Hans Martini, Canada

Your website is packed with a tremendous amount of helpful information. Thanks for this great resource. - Craig Christman, Fort Myers, FL

Technical Video Rentals How-To DVD Rental

SmartFlix is a service that rents video DVDs of a technical nature for $10 each, many of which pertain to our craft of musical instrument repair. There are videos on everything from lathe operation (including the Sherline) and heat treating metals, to videos on drilling, tapping, and grinding.

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