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The Channels

The members-only portion of the website is divided into "channels" or categories. Each channel houses information in a specific format. You can view a list of the channels in a menu along the left-hand side of every page of the members' area of PROBIRT. Each channel is further divided into subcategories such as "articles > woodwinds > flutes/piccolos" or "classified > work > job openings", etc. Members can rate and post reviews, questions, and comments on any item listed in any channel, so that discussions create "threads" in each relevant topic.

The channels include:

Channel Menu
  • Articles - Essays on performing a specific repair procedure. Some are general overviews of a method and others are in step-by-step tutorial style with pictures illustrating the steps to be carried out. Since there can be many ways to do the same job in our industry, some pieces may describe the same repair using different methods.
    View an example of a band instrument repair article.
    View the list of band instrument repair articles.
  • Calendar - The PROBIRT Calendar lists PROBIRT and industry events. Members can add their own events: anything from an upcoming concert or workshop to a birthday!
  • Classifieds - Buy, sell, trade, post a job opening, or watch the listings for freelance work.
  • Forum - The forum is divided into categories. It's easy to follow topics of interest by cruising the forums for new posts or subscribing to individual topics to receive the posts in email format.
    View the PROBIRT forums.
  • Links - This channel is a great resource for everything repair-related and then some. Links take members to other sites containing quality band instrument repair information. Categories include repair books and where they can be found, acoustics links, machining/metalworking links, and some great time wasters for members in work-avoidance mode. :-)
  • News - Member news, music industry news, and periodic PROBIRT newsletters are posted in the News channel.
  • Sample picture of shop posted  by memberPictures - PROBIRT encourages members to post pictures of themselves, their shops, a tool they've modified, or other items of interest to other members. On request, PROBIRT will provide members with their own folders, so they can post all their photos in one place.
  • Streaming Videos - Streaming videos of PROBIRT technicians giving repair clinics. Some were recorded specifically for the PROBIRT site without an audience, some are edited recordings of past live, online clinics, and others are edited videos showing a hands-on method of a repair procedure. They vary from 30-second quick tips to one-hour presentations. Clinics longer than one hour are split into sequential segments.
    View an example of a band instrument repair video: PROBIRT member, Dana Rivard, presents a session on a variety of uses for the "Split Tip Soldering Gun" in the repair shop. (25 minutes)
    Dial-up Version of Movie Dial-up Version of Movie
    Dial-up version   Broadband version
    (Cable and DSL)

    You must have Macromedia Flash installed on your computer to view the videos. Download the latest version here.
  • Tips - Short, quick pointers or suggestions for repairs, products, or tools. Sometimes posted with a picture for greater clarification.
    View an example of a band instrument repair tip.
  • Yellow Pages - The Yellow Pages Channel is a business directory. If you have a specialty area of repair or service you'd like to offer the members, this is the place to post it. If you are looking for someone with a specific skill, contact the person directly for pricing, turn-around time, and other info. The Yellow Pages also contain contact information for industry and non-industry suppliers.